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We Love Amigurumi

'We Love Amigurumi' is a community for anyone who likes amigurumi, the Japanese technique of crocheting and knitting toys.

Founded By ohsewpretty
(ohsewpretty is not currently active in the community, but we thank her for creating this wonderful group, and look forward to future visits from her)

Current Owner: theknittycat

Active Maintainers:
theknittycat, legendancer, littleyuzu

Semi-Active Maintainer:
anthor - aka Mr. theknittycat ;o)

Inactive but Still Loved Maintainers:
crafty_shanna, snuffykin

Beloved Founder:

This is a "G" rated community! Please remember that we have young members and visitors, and keep language and content appropriate. Inappropriate language in posts or comments will result in the post or comment being deleted, so please keep it "G"! :o) Violators will be subject to meetings with the Enforcer...

See Community Guidlines here.

Please post pictures of your amigurumi, either in progress or finished and it doesn't matter if you are an absolute beginner or an expert. Feel free to post original patterns, links to websites and books, and things you would like to buy or sell. Please respect copyright laws by saying where you got a pattern from and not selling things made with someone else's pattern without permission to do so. Also respect other people's creativity by not copying others' work and encouraging people to come up with new ideas of their own. Thank you!

If you have multiple photos or a large photo (larger than 500px by 375px), we recommend that you post your photo(s) behind an LJ cut. We like to keep the site friendly for peeps with slower Internet connections. Also, we appreciate putting community tags on your posts. All members can add tags to ANY post, even those that are not their own.

For beginners, krysanya has written an Amigurumi Primer. Also, check the previous posts (and the responses to them) tagged beginner or beginners.

And there is a wonderful set of videos here:
Part 1 - basic crochet techniques needed to make amigurumi
Part 2 - the most common types of amigurumi patterns, and how to read them
Part 3 - additional techniques often used when making amigurumi

There are some helpful weblinks here and here, and more info about amigurumi and patterns at amigurumi bookmarks. Delicious.com users can share a link with by tagging it with for:snuffykin. Resources for eyes: There are many previous posts tagged supplies and eyes.

Problems, suggestions or questions: please message theknittycat,legendancer,littleyuzu

To insure quickest responses to urgent issues, please contact more than one.

Special community helper-outer: kidmissile


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Each month there's a theme for Amigurumi-Alongs here at weloveamigurumi. Participation is totally optional, and originality is highly encouraged! Here is the calendar for 2011:

MonthThemeAlternate Theme

babies! breakfast

hearts & love geometrics

faeries & angels zoo & farm

in the pond kiddie lit & fairy tales

sci fi / futuristic under the sea

video games mini me

celebrities myths

zodiac&Chinese zodiac things with teeth

incredible edibles favorite decade

flora monsters

Holiday Themes in the jungle

animated inanimates jewelry

2011 Ami-Along Calendar

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