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game, set, oh no they didn't!


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game, set, oh no they didn't!


"I'm going to take this fucking ball and shove it down your fucking throat." - Serena Williams


Membership is moderated due to some of the content posted here. If you were rejected, please refer to our mother community ONTD's post about why people there get rejected. We're pretty lenient though.

Make sure you tag your entries. If you need a tag, tag it with '!tag request' and the mods will get on it ASAP!

This is a community for discussing the sport of tennis and its players, not your Mother Monster basement shrine or the daily life of your pet rock. If you get a little off-topic in your comments, that's fine to a limit, but in the words of the great Bon Qui Qui, don't get crazy. When it starts to get way OT, take it to your journals, Twitter, or IM.

Take the drama elsewhere. We keep this community fun and welcoming and we don't want that crap here. If you have beef with another member, take it outside. This community is not here so people can listen to your petty bickering.

You aren't required to like every single tennis player on the tour, but please keep your remarks civil. Of course we love to say "That's enough, Andy Murray" and "Serena, stfu" but there's a line between being silly and poking jabs and being legitimately offensive. This isn't middle school, and rude or insensitive comments insulting the players, their coaches or their family will be deleted. If it becomes a problem, you will be banned. Unless it's during a live post, then you can be pretty angry (to a limit) because we all say crazy, ragey things when we are watching a super-tense, heart attack-inducing tennis match.

Whenever you post an article, make sure you include a source to the original material.

This is an LGBT-friendly and equal opportunity community. We post about both men's and women's tennis and love and appreciate fans of both. It's okay if you're not of fan of one or the other, but, for example, if your views on women's tennis align with Sergiy Stakhovsky, this is probably not the community for you.

If you're unfamiliar with what "ONTD" means, you should probably check out our mother community ohnotheydidnt so you can get an idea of what you might see here. Lots of inside jokes and snark and stan wars, tennis-style! But we are definitely much nicer than the mothership (and we're about 97.4% saner than the cesspool of douchebags known as Men's Tennis Forums) so if there's something you don't get, don't hesitate to make a post and ask. :)



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RIP Elena Baltacha: 14 August 1983 - 4 May 2014


Bernard Tomic. An hooner for us all.

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