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OMONA THEY DIDN'T! Endless charms, endless possibilities ♥

[HOW TO JOIN OMONA?] HOW TO JOIN OMONA? Any of the following will help you get accepted to Omona:
  • An active account that shows you aren't a bot or troll
  • At least one post in your LJ saying you created an LJ to join omonatheydidnt
  • Attaching a social media account such as Twitter or Facebook in your LJ profile
  • Sending an e-mail to omonamods@gmail.com, or private message to shanny_w (This step works best for people who have already applied for membership in our profile)
TL;DR: If we can get a good feel about who you are from your journal or social media, it makes it easier for us to accept you into the community.
Omona They Didn't! Mission Statement:
At OmonaTheyDidn't we love commenting and reporting on interesting news and gossip about our favorite and not so favorite Korean stars. We know you do too. We feel it is our duty to uphold a certain standard to create a strong and productive community by bringing current and interesting Korean news to the hungry masses ( So yum yum ).

OMNTD is user-based and can be as epic as we choose to make it. Don't be shy to submit a post and comment. We look forward to growing and becoming a more vibrant community with all of you. FIGHTING!

Before submitting the post you worked so hard on, or start commenting on news, we ask that you read through our rules. The rules will be enforced to ensure a positive and fun experience for all users.


  • Check if the news you want to share has already been posted by using tags, our @Omonatheydidnt feed, or the search at the top right of Omona.

  • Click the 'POST' button on the far left of the options bar at the top of Omona, or the 'post to this community' pencil shaped button at the top of our profile.

  • Always preview your post before hitting the 'Post to Omonatheydidnt' button in the 'New Entry' page.

  • Once you've submitted your post your post will go to the Moderation Queue.

Don't know where to find news? Check out OMONA'S PICK: TOP SITES YOU SHOULD BE SOURCING FROM

Content criteria...

  • Posts must contain an appropriately descriptive title, news content, and direct source links at the bottom. All source links must be visible to the main-page and titled (website name, youtube profile, twitter handle, etc)

  • Posts must be kept compact for the main-page. Please use an LJ-CUT for multiple photos, or videos, and long articles. Please place SPOILER-CUTS inside of LJ-CUTS if you choose to use them in your posts.

  • Posts must only have one teaser image or video before an LJ-CUT.

  • NO HOT-LINKING of images. All images must be re-uploaded to your LJ-Gallery, or an image host such as TinyPic, postimage.org, or tumblr. imgur does not work on LJ!

  • Posts must be in English. Either from a translated source or of your own accurate translation. We do not accept posts translated by google due to flaws and inaccuracies.

  • English Subtitles are not required for short preview clips as long as they're interesting/funny, but are required for viewing posts of full TV shows & dramas. Please include at least a brief descriptions for short previews.

  • No posts from ALLKPOP or fansites or fan forums that have specifically stated not to take out their content.

You can learn to make your posts pretty HERE

You can read a more comprehensive guide on the posting rules HERE

If your post is rejected...

  • Read the rejection e-mail. The email will explain why your submission was rejected or changes that are necessary for it to be approved.

After your post is accepted...

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks for contributing to Omona! <3

  • Please do not edit your post to change the content, or delete comments you do not like. This can result in banning.

  • If you want to add breaking news updates please ask a mod if it is ok to edit your existing post or if it is best to submit a new post.

  • If you have been given permission to update your post, please make sure members are informed you have added new content.


  • Be respectful to other members & try to have constructive debates.

  • Try to stay on-topic in posts, OP worked hard to bring you news.

  • Try to be helpful & make newbies or less knowledgeable people feel welcome.

  • Try to encourage others to participate in discussions through positive means.

  • Report rule breaking or concerns to shanny_w & moderators with OPD_ in their usernames, ex:
    opd_caya, opd_devil, opd_gyoza,opd_sith


Any of the following will help you to get banned at Omona:

PERSONAL ATTACKS: Such as taking content from other member's LJ or social-media to use against them in the community as a form of embarrassment/payback, & Insulting members because of their race/sexuality/culture/beliefs, etc.
TARGETING & HARASSMENT: Attacking others because they like or dislike certain celebrities or groups. If you feel you are being harassed contact shanny_w or an OPD_ moderator.
FANDOM WARS: Whyyyyyyyy? Lame waste of time. Just stay out of posts you don't like.
BAITING & TROLLING: Obviously commenting or doing things in an attempt to spark fights & trying to get other members to break rules.
MANIPULATING CONTENT Editing or changing the content of your post to something entirely different after being accepted, and deleting, freezing, or screening other people's comments.
SPAMMING: Random disruptive mass spamming will get your ass canned.

Mods generally try to give out warnings so that members have a chance to correct their behavior, but depending on the situation, and if the actions persist, they will ban.

If you have been banned and wish to state your case e-mail us at omonamods@gmail.com

The current layout is a collaborative effort of bestsama (CSS) and @hellosookim (design).

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