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OMONA THEY DIDN'T! Endless charms, endless possibilities ♥


Before you hit the JOIN button, please view THIS POST for membership requirements. If you want to learn how to make a post, read the rules below and this post here.

Omona They Didn't! Mission Statement:
At OmonaTheyDidn't we love commenting and reporting on interesting news and gossip about our favorite and not so favorite Korean stars. We know you do too. We feel it is our duty to uphold a certain standard to create a strong and productive community by bringing current and interesting Korean news to the hungry masses ( So yum yum ).

OMNTD is user-based and can be as epic as we choose to make it. Don't be shy to submit a post and comment. We look forward to growing and becoming a more vibrant community with all of you. FIGHTING!

Before submitting the post you worked so hard on to be approved, we ask that you read through our rules. The rules will be enforced to ensure a positive and fun experience for all users.

Rules for submitting posts:

1. Check to see if your post has already been submitted.
2. All posts submitted must link to the original source. Title the link with the website name and userprofile names (YT, Tumblr, Twitter, etc) for accurate credit. When submitting a translated source please also link back to the original untranslated source as well if available.
3. Posts must be in English. Either from a translated source or of your own accurate translation. We do not accept posts that are done by online language translation websites as this leaves articles highly unreliable and flawed.
4. If posts have rather long text or many pictures use a LJ-Cut. If you are submitting more than one video, you should only have one video outside the lj-cut.
5. Pictures with a width larger than 570 pixels go under a lj cut, if you don't know how to do one check here. When posting include one image teaser per post, the same applies for videos. If your post has several videos (such as TV shows), post one video with the rest under the cut.
6. No hot-linking. What is hot-linking? Click here. Please save and upload your pictures to an account on a photo hosting site such as Tinypic or to your LJ gallery. Additional recommended hosting sites posted here. Please NO PHOTOBUCKET hosted images.
7. If your post is rejected please read the rejection email. The email will explain why your submission was rejected or changes that are necessary for it to be approved.
8. If you need further clarification or have questions regarding posting criteria, click here and here.
9. You cannot edit and change the topic of your post, if you do that, your post will be deleted and you'll get a warning. Even if the post is a similar topic you must submit it in a new post of its own.
10. Do not edit posts with pictures/gifs/unnecessary commentary/extra info after it gets accepted. Unless you have permission from the mods.
11. Do not submit unsubbed clips (unless those clips are interesting/funny).

Check if your post is already posted here (tags), here (Livejournal search) or here (Google) or here:


Rules for all members:

1. Celebrities are fair game, it's NOT the end of the world if your favorite gets hated on. However, be respectful to other members or risk getting banned (see Rule #2).
2. No personal attacks on our members. Examples: Taking stuff from their personal journal to use against them in the community as a form of embarrassment/payback, insulting them because of their race/sexuality/culture/beliefs or attacking them just because they dislike or like a certain celebrity/group. Any of these behaviors will get you banned.
3. No fighting between fandoms, it's lame and a waste of time.
4. Keep comments related to the post you are in.
5. Trolls will be dealt with by way of the ban-hammer ban-shark. It's an ancient method that still proves effective.
6. Outright spamming is not encouraged. Posting related pictures or .gif's is acceptable.
7. If you encounter anyone breaking the rules please contact a mod via pm in their personal journal or at omonamods@gmail.com.
8. If you have been banned and want to know why or state your case, contact us at the above email address.
9. To get the OT out of your system and get to know your fellow members better we have designated Free For All posts.
10. Do not delete comments, whether they be yours or others.
11. Lastly, Omona is about commentary on the celebrities and not your popularity or ego as a member. The community has a lot of members. You may find you don't always agree with others but please try to respect other peoples opinions & stay civil.

Please read THIS POST for more clarification and details on the rules.

Ban-Shark is also very fashionable!

Do you want to post but aren't sure where to get news? Visit Omona's Source List to get started.

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