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Oh No They Didn't!

(ONTD rules updated as of 10/10/2018)


- This community revolves around celebrities, movies, TV shows, music, video games, and other forms of entertainment.

- Oh No They Didn’t is a community that welcomes anyone regardless of their identity. Discrimination of any kind, including but not limited to: mental health status, ableism, racism, homophobia, anti Semitism, sexism, and transphobia, are not allowed. Opposing discourse stops being discourse the moment personal attacks and derogatory language are used.

- On the topic of transphobia, offenses include but is not limited to: purposely misgendering when you know their preferred pronouns, or speaking of SRS in vulgar/crude terms in order to shock or offend.

- Someone calling you "stupid" or "gross" isn't what we consider a major personal attack. Please report only actual substantial and truly offensive personal attacks. Serious personal attacks include saying "f-ck you" / "f-ck off" to someone, using insulting and pejorative language directly toward them, or threatening someone with physical/sexual violence.

- Constant trolling will result in being banned.

- You can be reasonably critical of the celebrities these posts are about, but serious personal attacks are frowned upon. If you're constantly using slurs and offensive language toward a celebrity, or if you're simply being misogynistic, you may get a warning (at the very least) to tone it down.

- Rather than ask "Who?" when you see a celebrity you don't recognize, use Google.

- Mods decide what gets posted - not you.

- Sometimes mods accidentally approve posts that have already been posted. No need for a flood of "posted" comments. We'll take care of it if the OP doesn't delete the post themselves. Posting different information from an article that has been posted already is considered a repost. Either delete it yourself or we will.

- Use good judgment when you're choosing or making an icon. No nudity, offensive images, or bigotry. Someone may end up reporting your offensive icon to Livejournal.

- No off-topic (OT) comments in regular posts. We have ONTD Roundups at least five times a week, and two Free For All posts during the weekend - save your OT comments for those posts.

- New membership is moderated. Your journal must show some past activity or at least have a filled-out profile before being accepted.

- If you believe your work is being copyrighted, visit here.


- AfterEllen.com, AfterElton.com, AVclub.com, Billboard.com, BlindGossip.com, Bossip.com, Celebitchy.com, Celebrity Babies, Celebrity Baby Blog, CelebrityDirtyLaundry.com, Celebutopia.com, Chicago Tribune, Collider.com, ContentMode.com, DailyDot.com, Dailymail.co.uk (and all off-shoots), dailyrecord.co.uk, Deadline.com, EntertainmentWise.com, EW.com, Flavorwire.com, Gawker.com, Gigwise.com, Guardian.co.uk, HitFix.com, HuffingtonPost.com, Independent.co.uk, IndieWire.com, IndyPosted.com, JustJared.com, Lipstickalley.com, LogoOnline.com, Mashable.com, MavrixOnline.com, Mediaite.com, Metro.co.uk, Mic.com, Mirror.co.uk, MotherJones.com, NME.com, NothingMajor.com, NYMag.com, People.com, PitchFork.com, PitchFork.TV, Polygon.com, Popculturediedin2009.com, Popdash.com, Popdust.com, PopStar.com, Pressparty.com, Racked.com, Salon.com, ScreenRant.com, ScreenStar.com, SI.com, Slate.com, SpoilerTV.com, Standard.co.uk, Taletela.com, Telegraph.co.uk, TheBackLot.com, TheDissolve.com, Thelma.com, TheMarySue.com, theSTASHED.com, TheSun.co.uk, TheSundayTimes.co.uk, TheTimes.co.uk, TheVerge.com TheYoungFolks.com, Time.com, TMZ.com, TVline.com, TVStar.com, Unrealitytv.co.uk, Vice.com, Vox.com, Vulture.com, WashingtonPost.com and X17

- If you're worried that your post has been submitted or posted already, check for previous posts here (tags), here (LJ search) or here (Google) or use the search function below:


- Titles should be accurate. Try to avoid lying or baiting in your title, even if that type of title is being used at the source. Also, use proper names, especially if the person does not have a tag here. Nicknames in titles make it harder for mods to search to see if the topic or news has already been posted here.

- Always add tags. The more, the better. It helps you and us find posts. Try not to use serious tags as a joke - it's tacky. Tags can be found here.

- If you learn that your post has already posted news or material, edit or delete it yourself rather than leave the post up.

- Pictures larger than 585x585 should be resized and go under an LJ cut.

- Long paragraphs of text or a collection of multiple tweets (3+), Insta posts (3+), and videos (2+) should all be put under LJ cuts, too. The LJ cut tag is below:

- Keep it recent. Posts about recent news should be from sources that have been reported in the last two weeks. If you're trying to submit really, really old news, perhaps do more research and make an ONTD Original instead. Feel free to ask us if the topic would be acceptable.

- Guess Who? posts should have the identity of the "who" revealed in the post. If that person has a tag, add it later.

- All posts always need a source. Tweets are good for sources. Just be sure to post the permalink of the tweet as your source. If the tweet contains a link to a banned site, then don't list the banned site's direct URL as a source. Below is the HTML code for linking a source URL.

- Please precede your source links with the word "source." Makes it easier for mods when approving/rejecting posts.

- If you're sourcing multiple tweets or Insta posts from the same account, you can either individually source every tweet/Insta post's direct permalink, or just collectively source by listing the account the tweets/Insta posts are from. However, videos (i.e., from YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.) should always be individually sourced.

- All sourced tweets need to be embedded in the posts.

- Don't hotlink photos from other sites. Reupload or mirror the image in your LJ's photo album, or at photo sharing sites like Imgbb, Tinypic, and LJ Photos. No linking from Imgur and Postimg doesn't work most of the time nowadays. If you use LJ to host photos, be sure your settings are set to public rather than private. No posting photos from JustJared or Dailymail's sites either. The HTML code to display an image is below:

- POLITICAL POSTS with no celebrity or entertainment ties belong at ontd_political. We don't need multiple posts on the same topic on the same day either, especially if nothing new is being conveyed or shared. Update the most recent post about the topic instead.

- Celebrity Reaction posts must have context as to what the celebrities are reacting to, and 5-7 reactions from actual entertainment celebrities that work directly in the entertainment industry (movies, books, TV, music). This does not include politicians, non-celebrity activists, journalists, brands, parody accounts, random strangers on the Internet, nobody/local entertainers that have never starred in a movie/TV show, etc. The only acceptable Celebrity Reaction posts are ones about political news/Presidential debates/laws passed/major world events that don't fall under ONTD's celebrity news umbrella. Anything else is up to a mod's discretion.

- One reaction or tweet typically does not justify an entire post, especially if you don't add some text to the post explaining the content.

- If you want to make a post that doubles as a live viewing post for a (current) TV show or new TV-movie, please be sure that the post has some kind of significant and recent news/video clips related to said TV show or TV-movie. Just submitting a post with a lone, uninteresting tweet by a random Bachelor contestant so you can discuss the latest episode of The Bachelor is not acceptable.

- Any new book, TV, or movie spoilers should be hidden inside of a spoiler cut. Don't be surprised if users are upset at you for spoiling a new movie, etc. Just do the right thing and delete your spoiler. The HTML code for that is below:

- Don't be lazy. All submitted posts should have some kind of write-up. This includes trailers and TV promos (YouTube pages tend to have descriptions and summaries you can safely copy and paste into your post).

- We can't copy and paste full articles anymore. Instead, include a summary or even just bullet point the important stuff. If it's an interview exclusive to a magazine/site, please limit direct quotes to three (3).

- Like news and updates, shared videos should be recent (within the last two weeks). And they should be related to movies, TV, books, and music.

- If you're sharing another site's listicle or video list, only share 5 items (3 if the list is only 5 items to begin with) from said list. Also, do not post the full list in the comment section either.


- Don't spam stuff in the comments, especially photos, gifs, or tweets/Insta posts. Or use a spoiler cut to save users from scrolling.

- No advertising.

- Limit the use of gifs in your post. More than 20 big gifs will slow down browsers or eat up bandwidth. Maybe put a warning if your post has a lot of gifs so that those on mobile browsers don't use up all of their data.

- Don't delete/freeze comments in your own post. You can be banned for this.

- If you are frequently deleting your own posts for whatever reason (not counting posts that include news already posted), you may have your posting privileges suspended.

- Trolls will be banned. Ban evaders will be banned (unless there is some exception unique to their situation).

- No posting of pornographic images, even it's manipulated/Photoshopped. There is a "film - adult" tag for news about porn, but it is up to the discretion of the mods on whether or not the post is acceptable. Even in posts about porn, there should be no posting of pornographic images.

- You may only have one username in ONTD at a time. If we find out you have more than one LJ username account here, at the very least, you will be asked to choose only one of your accounts and then remove the others from ONTD.

- Don't post pirated copies of books, music, movie/TV downloads, etc..

- Don't include long winded personal thoughts at the end of your post. Save it for the comment section.


- If someone has personally attacked you or said something offensive (racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, etc.), message a mod. We don't go into every post so we can't always be on top of who's doing or saying what. We need your help.

- Even if you didn't instigate a fight, you may end up getting warned or even banned, too, if you respond with personal attacks.

- If you have a concern over someone's icon, you may contact LJ Abuse.

- Stalking, doxing, or private messaging threats to another user because you had a disagreement or just don't like them is unacceptable. You will be banned (possibly by Livejournal as a whole) if we find out about it. Doxing can include disclosing another user's location without their permission. Your posting privileges can be revoked, or you can be banned altogether.

- We are well aware of LJ's new function that allows users to ban others in both their personal journals as well as in posts in communities. Unless you are a mod, you cannot ban any other users on ONTD from commenting in your posts or from replying to to your comment. We will remove your posting/commenting privileges if you are banning people from commenting in your posts or replying to you.

- Don't air your grievances out with a mod's decision or whine about why your post was rejected in the comments or in the body of your posts.


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