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You do not need to be FTM identified to be a member of the community, but keep in mind that the focus of the community is FTM issues.

If you’re new to the community, please check out the tags and memories to see if your questions have been recently discussed. If you don't find what you're looking for, please post whatever questions or concerns you have.

The memories section can be accessed by clicking the little heart icon up top (looks like this: heart). The memories section contains posts on commonly asked questions, as does the memories section of newtrans. (The tags are much better organized than the memories; check the memories only if the tag you tried doesn't have any helpful posts in it.)

For an organized list of other FTM-related communities (and there are a lot of them), look in this post (and feel free to comment there if you know of any additional communities).

If you are interested in purchasing an Underworks binder, and are unsure about pricing, sizing, and/or how to put it on, click here.

This is long, but please look through it! (If you'd rather die than read all this, at least read over the community rules.)

ftm is a forum for all self-identified female-to-male individuals or FTM-questioning individuals, as well as our friends, partners and supporters. In the context of this community, FTM is a blanket term referring to anyone who was assigned female at birth and who feels that that is an incorrect or incomplete description of their gender. There is no identity policing here — if you self-identify as an FTM or as a friend or ally, then you are welcome here. However, please recognize that this blanket term covers people with a wide range of identities and at many different stages of transition, and refrain from making assumptions or judgments about people's identities and backgrounds. Please be open-minded and respectful even when you don't agree with people here.

You can come to this community for support, advice, information about Trans-related topics, questions about gender, personal connections with other FTMs, and anything else FTM-related that you can think of. Introductory posts (including a short biography, some information about your relationship to Trans issues, and why you joined the community) are welcome but not required.

When posting, please try to make your post as easy to read as possible in terms of font, colors, size, etc. When responding to posts, please remember that we come from a wide range of backgrounds, so picking on others' spelling and grammar is generally not acceptable here.

One word about "milestone" posts: Posts dealing with the day-to-day experience of being FTM and moving through this society as such are of course always on-topic and always relevant. Accounts of coming out, going to therapists or doctors, getting names/IDs changed, surgery experiences, etc., can prove to be extremely useful for other members and can provide an opportunity for members to receive support, advice, and congratulations from people who understand the importance of such events. However, in order to help keep the board on-topic and navigable as a resource for others, we ask that posts announcing transition milestones or detailing personal (non-transition) happenings be accompanied by some form of engagement with the community--a question, an account of how/why/what to do or not do, or something similar that will make your post a contribution to the larger discussion of FTM issues taking place on the board. (For the full policy on this issue, the reasoning for it and some examples, see here.)

Note: Anonymous comments are screened; if you post anonymously and it's inoffensive and the moderators catch it, then it will get unscreened.

Community Rules (in no particular order):
1.) No personal attacks on others.
2.) Please speak from your own experiences and avoid speaking for others.
3.) Constructive criticism of something that someone else says is fine; flat-out insulting someone is not.
4.) Transphobia of any kind will not be tolerated here, nor will prejudice against any generalized group of people (i.e. homophobia/heterosexism, racism, classism, sexism, etc.)
Here's a good link discussing sexist language.
5.) Very long posts (over 40 lines) and any images should use a cut tag or the post will be deleted. Unless there are other major problems with the post, you will have 24 hours to cut and repost before a moderator removes it.
6.) If you have a response to a specific post, respond in the comments section of that post; do not make a new post to follow up on any discussion that is less than a week old. Similarly, don't continue conversations from a previous post in someone else's unrelated post.
7.) Please keep posts at least somewhat related to FTM issues.
8.) Advertisements for other trans-related groups are welcome.
9.) Posts that are greatly off-topic or that advertise irrelevant communities will be removed.
10.) Anything sexually explicit and/or not work safe should be behind a cut tag, with a note in front of the tag indicating why it's been cut. Links to sites, communities, etc. that are sexually explicit and/or not work safe should be indicated as such.
11.) Posts to non-age-restricted communities, comments in others' journals, and default userpics should be kept free of explicit content. (from http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=112 )
12.) Posts or comments that contain blatant hate speech will be removed. Individuals who post hate speech will be warned twice, and on the third occasion will be banned. Additionally, the need for everyone to feel respected and supported is more important here than the need for someone to try to be funny by making fun of others, whether directly or indirectly. Comments or posts that serve no purpose but to make fun of others will be treated as hate speech.
13.) Please do not screen or disable comments on any post. Individuals who have screened the comments on their post, will be reminded of this rule and given the chance to correct it. Posts with comments disabled will be removed immediately.

14.) Fundraising and donation solicitations are not allowed here.

15. As we have always preferred, please do not delete comments and posts. Obviously, things happen, double comments are made, you post some thing personal and want it gone. Do what you need to do. Over all, do not delete. It interrupts continuity, etc.

If you're just discovering your Trans identity and are looking for basic information and resources on being FTM and/or transitioning, Hudson's ftm resource guide is a great place to find a lot of information.

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