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Decided that it was time for a comm devoted to crossovers between the Whoniverse (Old Doctor Who, New Doctor Who, Torchwood, and the Sarah Jane Adventures) and any type of published, fictional media (television show, movie, book, comic book, anime, webcomic). If your story exists strictly within the Whoniverse, this is not the place to post it.

Find a good link to a crossover you enjoyed, feel free to post a link here. However, if the fic is posted somewhere other than LJ please type out the full URL, instead of posting the link in HTML. Unlike LJ, some fic hosting sites are loaded with pop ups, which can do damage to computers.

Also before the LJ-Cut an the posting of the fic, please include a header with the following:

Fandoms Crossed:

In addition in the section for tags, include the characters being crossed over and the fandoms crossed.

Anything NC-17 and not suitable for youngsters, please include a warning, lock, and post under an LJ Cut. If your fic crossover happens to be a PNP, porn no plot, before posting please try to come up with a plausible situation as to why these two characters and 'verses have met, why character A would be attracted to character B, and a plot.

I also would like to see some discussion of crossovers. What would you like to see crossed with Doctor Who? What would Who crossovers can work? What Who crossovers would cause a rift in time and space?

To keep this comm going, if you see a story you enjoy, please leave a comment. Comments keep fic communities alive! If you are going to be posting, please share the reviewing love, and leave reviews on other stories posted to the comm.

In addition to posting fic, I would not mind general essays about Doctor Who, and writing crossovers about it. Why are some fandoms crossed more often with Doctor Who than others? Which 'verses, do the best job when crossed with the Whoniverse? What would you like to see crossed with who but you might be too lazy to write.

If you happen to find a fic in this comm that is not to your liking, keep it to yourself. Do not mock it anywhere publicly accessible.

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