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Asperger Syndrome LiveJournal Community

This is a support community for people on the Autistic spectrum, or who suspect they're on the Autistic spectrum and are trying to sort out their identity. Membership is moderated in order that the community be a safe place for Autistics to discuss our difficulties in dealing with the cognitive majority, but the moderators work from a strong presumption of acceptance. If you apply for membership and there's a good reason to reject you, you'll be rejected. If you have a null profile and an empty or invisible journal, your application will expire after thirty days. Otherwise you'll probably be accepted. Before you click the "Join" thingie, do be sure you've validated the email address you registered with Live Journal. Otherwise, when we approve your application for membership, all that will happen is that we'll get an error message.

This is most emphatically NOT a support group for parents, siblings or spouses of Autistics. There are enough support groups like that already, and you're not welcome to come in here and berate us for being Autistic or to vent your frustrations to this community. That doesn't mean that neurotypicals can't join and participate. Friendly neurotypicals are indeed welcome. What we don't want is to be told what monsters we are, and how difficult it is to deal with an Autistic.

If you have a close relationship with an Autistic, and you're finding some aspect of it difficult and would like a bit of help from an Autistic perspective, try the ask_an_aspie community. It exists for the specific purpose of offering advice to neurotypicals about Autistics, from the people who know Autistics best. Most of the members are volunteers from this community who are at least somewhat willing to accept the possibility that you may be frustrated with us. Please use it. Though we don't want you venting at us in our own support community, we do want relationships between Autistics and neurotypicals to go well, and those of us who watch that community will do our best toward that goal.

A couple of family support groups on Live Journal are spectrum_parent and asd_families.

Book list, for Aspies and other interested parties.

A list of other communities that may be of interest to Aspies.

Click here for more information about Asperger Syndrome. Alternatively look at the Web site listed as the community Web page.

Autistics.org is excellent for telling the truth.

Making drastic edits to the content of your posts, particularly after they have collected a number of comments, is frowned upon here. So is deleting other people's comments on your posts. Doing either may warrant warnings and, beyond that, banning from the community.

We'd also prefer that you not use non-standard fonts or colors or distractingly animated or grotesque LJ icons in your posts, as many of us have visual processing issues which render such posts extremely difficult to read. However, we won't take any sort of action against you if you do.

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