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Alice Nine OHP

Welcome to aliceinrainbows! We are a community whose basis is to translate anything and everything that concerns alice nine. (Excluding blog translations, as there is alice9_diaries and other external websites that do so.)

We also accept translations on other J-Rock artists, but please do remember that we focus on Alice Nine

This is an open translation community, so feel free to post your translations here as well.


- Use the appropriate TAGS!
No one likes messy communities and having to backlog through 2483257345 pages. If there isn't a tag already present on the tags page, please make one for it.

- Titles
Please make good use of the titles, make it informative.
eg. Shoxx, vol. 186: Alice Nine Interview (August 2008)

- No bashing
This applies to all members in the community, the artists themselves, and the community itself.

- Reposting
Please do not repost the translated articles elsewhere without crediting and linking back to this community. Translating takes a veeeeeery long time, and we would hate to just have someone steal our work in an instant. Do NOT post our videos on any other sites without permission, such as on online streaming sites. If you want to translate articles into a particular language, please ask for the poster's permission.

- Requesting
We are currently not accepting any requests for translations. Please don't PM either of us to request a translation or harass us for translations.

- Other Posts
Please refrain yourself from posting non-translation related posts. Such posts include (but are not limited to): Image posts, request posts, sales posts, advertisements etc. This is a translation community, and I don't want it to be cluttered with posts that aren't even related to translations. I'm sure that people who come here seeking translations don't want to see such posts, either.

- Membership
By becoming a member, you agree that you have read, understood and will comply to all the above rules. We reserve the right to remove your membership if you break any of the rules (does not apply to the first two rules).

- Note that we do NOT own Alice Nine, and we don't personally work/have relations with them, so please do not ask us personal questions about them and such

- We do NOT claim any ownership over the original magazine articles, only the translated articles.

- If there is a legitimate company and/or company representative (who can also prove that they are indeed representing the company) who wishes the articles featured in their magazines to not be translated, then please inform me via e-mail or a private message and I will stop translating those articles.

A very special thank you to kaanivaru for making the original layout. Visit and join jrockxstar for awesome j-rock layouts, graphics and media

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