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Shitennou Ai

For all those senshi/shitennou fans out there, a place to converse, write snippets, do whatever really. No major rules, just an alternate place to hang out.

This community is primarily focused on the senshi/shitennou pairings, and exploring the shitennou outside of their time in the Dark Kingdom. While there is no explicit *ban* on the anime Dark Kingdom pairings (Kunzite/Zoisite, Nephrite/Jadeite) this is probably not the best community if that is what you are looking for. There are other LJ communities that specialize in those pairings.

There aren't many, but for the ease of usage please follow them.
1. Tag your submissions. There is a selection of tags pre-made that you can use, or create new tags if you are planning on working within a new verse. Tags should include:
~Verse (if applicable)

2.Use cuts for submissions over 500 words. Multiple posts of lengthy stories can clutter a friend's page, so as a courtesy please put all posts over 500-ish words under a cut.

3.Post directly to the community.Nothing is sadder than losing a fic you loved because the author has deleted their LiveJournal. I can promise you this community will not be deleted until LJ goes down, so please post all fics directly to the community instead of to a personal journal. You CAN of course also post to your personal journals, but no direct linking for the aforementioned reason.

4.Be a community. This covers all general niceties like "no flaming" and "use constructive criticism" and so forth. I trust everyone to behave so I'm not going to explicitly spell out these expectations.

Other places to visit:
Shitennou Forums

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