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Sale Talk

 Welcome to sale_talk

A community dedicated to keeping buyers
and sellers safe and informed when
buying, selling & swapping in the MAC communities.
Chat about sales, post anything from questions & concerns
to swaplifter alerts & potential scams.

 Membership Rules & Guidelines

• MUA feedback is mandatory to join sale_talk.
• You must have 20 MUA tokens or more in order to join.
• Accounts must be at least 2 Months old

• Leave your MUA feedback information and links on the entry post here and Click Join.
• Wait for SaleTalkAdmin to send you a PM on MUA; then reply to verify you are the owner of the account.
• If verification is not complete within 24-48 hours, your request to join will be DENIED.

• Anyone who needs to join sale_talk but does not qualify due to lack of feedback can now join but ONLY if you meet & fulfill the following requirements;
1. You must post whatever MUA feedback you have on the feedback post. Your MUA account will be verified by a mod.
2. You must have an active swapping issue.
3. You must post the problem or alert to the community within 24 hours after joining.

•Failure to comply with any of these requirements will result with a denied membership.

Community Rules

Never delete posts and/or comments. You may only add to the original context.

• If you're a seller and don't appreciate your sale being questioned, state your feelings and explain your side. DO NOT ask/harass a member to delete their post.

• Be honest & articulate when posting your issue. State the facts & leave unnecessary drama out of your post.

• Can't stand the heat? Then get out of the kitchen.
• Handle claims against you in a responsible & respectful manner.
• Don't post and then take it back - information is powerful.

• This is not a "leave your feedback" community.
• No sales/no ISO/no FOTDs/no off topic posts. Content unrelated to this community will be removed immediately.
• No off topic comments posted on the 'Do Not Swap' list post.

• Respect all sale_talk admins at all times. Any disrespect or backtalk towards the mods will result in a ban from this community.

• We no longer accept eBay feedback. No need to comment asking why not; we don't and that's all you need to know. Please do not post your eBay feedback on the feedback post.

• NEVER post/crosspost sale_talk information in other forums/communities.
You may link outside users and advise them to join sale_talk instead.
• Posting screenshots from this community elsewhere is against community rules & could result in a ban.

sale_talk is a private community. Only members can view and post. If you are caught sharing your account with a non sale_talk member you will be banned for life immediately.

• It is against LiveJournal's Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy to post private information about LJ user. Please refrain from posting full names, addresses, email addresses, etc. You may post usernames to MUA or LJ, but not personal Facebook pages or other social media websites. Anything unrelated will be removed immediately.
• If you need assistance in locating a member of LJ/MUA, please contact a mod.

• By requesting to join this community you acknowledge that you have read & understand the community rules. Failure to comply with the rules may result in a denied membership or a ban.

• If you are in need of assistance by a mod, please contact SaleTalkAdmin on MUA with your issues. Please be sure to provide your LiveJournal username when contacting us.

Community Created & Moderated By slave2beauty

Also moderated by pixxelated bingthecherry syncopatedlife sixpixee reenisadork

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