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Garage Sale Japan
GAINING POSTING ACCESS. APPLICATION PROCESS must be followed to join garagesalejapan.

GARAGE SALE JAPAN. This is a community dedicated to the resale of Japanese items. Everyone is sick of posts selling items clogging up communities, so this community was created as an advertising forum. J-rock, J-pop, Manga, Anime, Clothing, Novelty Items, Anything you can think of is fine.

QUESTONS, CONCERNS, SUGGESTIONS or PROBLEMS. Please contact the mods here. For FAQs concerning the Feedback Cafe, please redirect them here

Our previous feedback location can be found at this post
Older feedbacks can be found at the Garage Sale Japan Feedback.

CURRENT ACTIVE MODERATORS. sazzalinie, sylvir and pockyraider

reportthem // Reports on fradulent activity! Make sure to protect yourself!

Important Updates
July 2010 - There is a new feedback community found at gsj_feedbacks. View the announcement here for further info. Old feedback page is now locked, however still available for viewing.

April 2009 - all new memberships to the Garage Sale Japan community will be moderated. Please follow the instructions in >>this post<<< to join.
Follow the instructions carefully or your membership application will be rejected

9/23/11 - New rule

3/26/11 - New rule: applies to all charities, not just for the Japan Tsunami.

7/13/10 - Edited community layout to be easier on the eyes.

7/12/10 - New community layout. New feedback system introduction.

4/01/09 - Community is now moderated. Membership process required for prospective members.

2/13/09 - Added 2 new rules/suggestions regarding pics and referral advertisements

1/23/09 - Added link to GSJ bootleg guide

1/17/09 - Edited the rules section to make it more streamline, no new rules have been added.

12/13/06 - We have a new rule regarding posting. Please read this before posting your sales!

Community Rules
Note: The following is just a summary, for an extended list of the rules, check the official rules. So even if it is not listed below, you are still responsible for them.

01. Posts in this community must be for selling/trading/buying Asian Items ONLY.
Please do not spam us with other sales for items that are not of asian origin, or promos for other communities. This rule also applies to comments in reply to a post. Do not spam other people's posts with non-Asian goods or unwarranted promotions of other communities.
Virtual game items and/or items you don't currently own are NOT allowed.
Items considered non-Asian: Marvel/Disney, Punk (not everything Punk is Japanese), US Branded clothing, general electronics e.g. Cameras, phones not of Asian origin (i.e. they were produced for western market).

02. Do NOT post Bootlegged items. You also may not advertise your sales journal if you have bootlegged items for sale within.
WTB and WTT posts and replies to these posts must also be bootleg free!
A bootleg guide can be found here.

03. You MAY post eBay listings, website sales, auction sites, and personal sales.
Do NOT advertise selling sites that are not your own. You may NOT post an advertisement if you are promoting a site in order to get commission (i.e. if you are posting a referral link).

04. There is a one post every three days rule in place here. This means that you may not post more than once in every three days (72 hours).
There are NO exceptions to this rule. It does not matter if you are selling/wanting different things. It does not matter if one post is a "want" post and one post is a "sale" post. It is still one post every three days no matter what.

05. Please post a picture if possible with your listing, and your contact info for people to contact you with. You may post ONE picture outside of a lj-cut with a maximum dimension of 500x500. Please place all other pics behind an lj-cut.

06. You MAY NOT delete your post, comments or other's comments within the community.
If you are deleting/purging your account and/or moving to a new one, You may NOT choose the "delete all of your comments/entries in other communities" option.
Only moderators are allowed to delete posts/comments where the situation calls for it.

07. GSJ supports donations and non-profit organizations, so if you advertise giving away your Asian-related items in return for proof of donation (such as a screenshot), we will allow it. The NGO is up to you; we will not restrict it to Asian-only NGOs.
However, advertising that profits from the sale of your items will be donated for a certain cause is not allowed. This maximizes the common goal of both parties in helping raise funds for a cause, without the possible reduction in donation amount due to currency exchange fees, PayPal fees, and other transfer fees.

Your post may be deleted if any of the above rules are broken.
If in doubt, please ask a moderator before posting. DO NOT ASSUME.

Moderators bear no responsibility for members of this community, or items that are sold.
Sales and deals are solely the responsibility of parties involved.

Brother Communitites
dears, doujin_market, indwell, totchi_me, miyabi_dear, videogames4sale

If you're interested in FRUiTS, check out fruitsyauctions. Also, the mailing list, Jrockonebay may be of interest to J-rock fans.

Tag Guide
Please use them :)

anime: anime things, obviously. Should largely be actual media; DVD's, VHS's, etc.
collectibles: Figures, trading cards, cels, sets of dishes, magnets, etc.
cosplay: Cosplay items.
cpop: Chinese pop.
dolls: All dolls including Pullip and Dollfie. Pinky St. figures may also be listed with this tag.
doujinshi: doujinshi, duh.
drama: All kinds of dramas. Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, anything.
fashion: Clothes, accessories, anything you use to make yourself cute.
fliers: Fliers. Visual kei, jpop, whatever. Tons of fliers are sold here; here's a category.
food: Food. Food of Asian origin.
videogames: self-explanatory.
manga: Manga in Japanese, English or any other language.
je: Johnny's Entertainment. You should use this as a catch-all if you're listing anything JE.
jpop: Japanese pop.
jrock: Japanese rock; visual kei included.
kpop: Korean pop.
lolita: Lolita accessories and clothing.
magazines: English-language magazines focused on Asian things, Japanese-language magazines, whatever.
movies: Asian movies.
music: Any music that is Asian but not kpop, jpop/rock or cpop.
posters: Dur.
school: Kanji workbooks, text books, anything that is for school and Asian-oriented.
stationary: stationary.
tech: Tech things. Asian electronics, electronic dictionaries, PDA's that are Asian for some reason, exotic phones, anything.
toys: Asian toys.
traditional: Traditional Asian items; kimono, yukata, geta, calligraphy sets, incense, etc.

Layout courtesy of milou_veronica

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