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Daniel Radcliffe Daily

Welcome to Daniel Radcliffe Daily, a daily picture community for fans of Daniel Radcliffe. Brought to you by the creator of tomfelton_daily

danrad_daily is a picture-only community.

You may include some news about him, some gossip, and things like that, but absolutely no advertising, quizzes/memes, or graphics! Thank you!

Theme Week
danrad_daily will now be having theme weeks! Here's how it will work;
witherwings7 and azi_69_daniela will choose up to 6 possible options for the week's theme. On the Friday before the week starts, one of the mods will post a poll and have the members choose which theme they want for that given week. The option with the most choices becomes that week's theme. Each theme week starts on a Monday.

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A few things you should know..

1. Every post to danrad_daily MUST contain a picture. If you do not have a website to store your images on, there are numerous free image hosting services available. We recommend Photobucket for free image hosting. If your post does not contain a picture, you will get a mod on your arse about it. All it has to be is ONE PICTURE!

2. Not hot-linking what-so-ever. Please upload all pictures to your own server so people who pay for their bandwidth don't go over.

3. Use lj-cuts for large images (over 80KB or 500 pixels) or multiple images. This is so people who don't have fast connections don't have to wait as long to view the community.

4. Please use proper grammar. We've all been through grammar school, so I'm sure we all know how to spell. TyPiNg lYkE DiS makes you look stupid, and it's hard to read. I don't care if you use words like "talkin'" "lookin'" stuff like that, but please don't use words like "u", "r", "lyke", etc. because it's not that hard to type the word properly.

5. No rude comments/entries and NO BASHING!. I understand that not everyone agrees that Daniel is oh-so-hot, and that not everyone agrees with the hand holding we all witnessed at the London Premiere, but please do not make any rude comments/entries. They will be deleted without notice, and you will be banned.

New Rule!
6. Dan has a right to a relationship and any potential girlfriends of his are entitled to privacy and respect. Please do not post photos of any rumored\confirmed girlfriends unless it's an official photo of them. Do not bash these girls. They are not sluts because they happen to be with Dan and do not deserve such horrible treatment.

If you want to find an old post you can use the handy tags that I created. You can find them here.


Your mod(s),
witherwings7 and wendymalfoy
Layout created by the lovely wendymalfoy

CONTACTING seashellz
If for some reason, you need to contact me, you can email me at girlfallsdown@gmail.com and I'll glady respond.

CONTACTING witherwings
If you need to contact me for whatever reason, you can email me at witherwings7@gmail.com and I'll respond asap.

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If you want to be affiliated with the community, contact me and I will add you.

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